Episode 73 – A Shep and a Spader

This week Mel and Kelly recommend two very different masterminds.

Mel’s Recommendation:



TV Series: The Blacklist

  • The Blacklist stars James Spader as “Red” Reddington, a criminal mastermind who turns himself in to the FBI in order to catch other criminals. Of course he has an agenda and it’s up to Agent Keen to discover just what that is while she also searches for the truth about their shared past.
  • Season 1 is available on Netflix and Season 2 will be wrapping up shortly on NBC. It currently airs on Thurs nights at 9 PM EST on NBC.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

  • Shep Gordon is many things in addition to being Alice Cooper’s Manager!
  • Directed by Mike Myers and featuring many, many pop culture stars such as Tom Arnold, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Anne Murray, Willie Nelson, and of course, Alice Cooper.
  • Available now on Netflix.

Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @HeyKannaya : Ashley Hay geekery & design over at heyashley.com

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