Episode 81 – Tidying Up at Sam’s


Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

  • Yes, Mel read a book about being a slob.  The book claims that if you follow the method outlined in this book, you will NEVER be a slob again. Ask me for an update in a year, folks.
  • Despite the subject matter, I found this book to be very entertaining. The author does anthropomorphize her belongings and her house, but I found it to be charming as well as kooky.
  • Essentially, it’s based on discarding everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’.
  • Check out YouTube for a lot of videos of people trying this method out on camera.
  • While I didn’t film the horror of my clothes closet, I found my heap of clothes extremely alarming and actually was able to gather together 5 big garbage bags of clothes to donate. This is especially amazing as I supposedly had cleaned out this closet only 6 months ago… <doh>


Kelly’s Recommendation:



Store: Sam’s Club

  • Possibly the most well-known Member’s Only Bulk Buy Club.
  • Get great deals on electronics and even get lunch by grazing the samples on offer! And there’s also the 4ft tall Shotgun Whiskey Decanter!
  • Don’t forget the ginormous tank of Cheeseballs!
  • And then there are really cool deals like Kelly’s new Pergola! (I want one! ~M)
  • If you haven’t checked out Sam’s recently, you might give it another look. (I didn’t know you could now get a personal account without having a business. Cool! ~M)

I couldn’t find the Shotgun Whiskey Decanter, but I’d like this one…. It brings me JOY! ~M


Kelly’s Social Media Recommendation:

@Leslie_Annie: aka Leslie Brooks: She has 117K followers, but still finds the time to respond to Kelly. 😉

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