Episode 88 – 16 plus 8

This week we discuss a sports special Mel might actually watch and relive 8 track glory.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: 30 for 30: The 16th Man

  • An ESPN Special about Nelson Mandela, the “Springbok” Rugby team, and South Africa’s transition to integrate the nation after Apartheid.
  • Narrated by Morgan Freeman. this documentary features interviews with players and various political activists of the time.
  • Minimal actual rugby in the special. Which is good, since Kelly has no clue about how the game is played.
  • This will be the first of 30 sports specials Mel is going to watch!!!


Mel’s Recommendation:


Music Service: 8Tracks.com

  • This is a streaming music service that features user created playlists of at least 8 tracks.
  • The neat thing here is that you can upload your own (legally acquired) music if it’s not already in their database.
  • It’s also available for iOS and Android.
  • There are tons of “Fandom” type playlists about particular characters you know and love. I listened to quite a few that were odes to Black Widow.
  • We reminisce about the actual real 8 Tracks.
  • I uploaded a funny little playlist about Shapeshifter Romance novels. 😉

Kelly sneaked in and added “The Black Widow” by Alice Cooper to the post (listen to Mel’s recommendation to know why this HAD to be done) ….

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