N&S – Ep 139 – Crafty Pagan Music

This week: Polymer Clay, Pagan, and Pokemon.

Mel’s Rec:

YouTube Channel: LoreChirik

  • Cool videos sculpting Pokemon, Clash Royale, and Five Nights at Freddy’s characters.
  • Make sure to check out his videos of Drogon and a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Too cool.


Here’s that Miltank pokemon Kelly was talking about. I think she’s cute.  


Kelly’s Rec:

Music: Official Pagan Music on YouTube (aka Mike of Squat Cobbler)

  • Ambient Awesomeness
  • Mike featured Kelly in “Like Alice” and has also managed to make Kelly an imdb page.
  • Mike recently put up Pagan’s Opiate EP. Listen below!




Social Media Corner:

Mel: @PaulNicklen on instagram: cool wildlife photos.


Kelly’s: @RoyWoodJr: Comedian. Appears on The Daily Show and Bob and Tom Radio.


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