N&S – Ep 140 – We Need More Power

This week, we have a gadget rec and another cosplaying youtube channel. Warning, there are corgis.

Kelly’s Rec:

Gadget: Netgear Powerline 1000

  • Use your existing electrical wiring to extend your network throughout your house.
  • Just plug one into an outlet by your modem and the other one into any other outlet.



Mel’s Rec:

YouTube: Kamui Cosplay

  • Svetlana and Benni make some really cool Cosplay costumes and props.
  • Check out their website too
  • Did I mention they have 2 corgis..


Social Media Corner:


Dane Larson: @atx_ddane:



KamuiCosplay on Instagram: So cool y’all. The corgis have an Instagram too.


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