N&S – Ep 152 – Kelly’s Idea of Cellos Really Flies

It’s been a really long week. Mel fails to guess Kelly’s version of Mel’s Cellos.


Cheerson CX-10WD Nano Drone

Kelly’s Rec:

Gadget: Cheerson CX-10WD Nano Drone

  • It’s the most adorable tiny drone ever.
  • It’s also super inexpensive.
  • Cats and puppies beware.
  • It has a tiny little camera too!
  • Here’s a link to Amazon, but shop around. It’s available a lot cheaper than this.


Kelly’s Flight of Drones


Mel’s Rec:

Software: Scupltris

  • Sculptris is a FREE 3D modeling program so you can digitally sculpt cool things.
  • It’s made by Pixologic, the maker’s of ZBrush.
  • Why do you want to digitally sculpt? So you can 3D print stuff! Also to be cool.
  • I watched a couple of tutorials that really help you get started: This one is a paid class on Udemy
  • Start with this free Youtube video. It covers all of the basics.




Social Media Corner:

Kelly: Alice Cooper: @AliceCooper Alice finally got his real name on Twitter! Go give him a follow!

Mel: @Moon_mxtr on Instagram. Very pretty/weird art along with beautiful poetry that together tell beautiful stories.





Special thanks to Alicia @ohalchemygirl for our intro song and to Matt @MattShiversVO for our outgoing message! 

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