N&S – Episode 134 – Whole Lotta Literature

This short ep is just chock full of literary inspiration.


Kelly’s Rec:

Website: InspiroBot.me

  • Special thanks to Sean Shick for dropping this little gem in front of Kelly’s eyeballs. Special Runner Up Thanks to Matt Shivers for keeping it there.
  • Click the HAL3000 -ish button and wonderful inspirational magic appears.
  • Also, you can access your past inspirations from the “My Quotes” section.
  • Go. Look. Click that Generate button ans share your inspirations with us.



Here are some of Mel’s:



Mel’s Rec:

Podcast: Levar Burton Reads

  • Just like it sounds, Levar Burton reads short stories from various genres to you.
  • It is magical. You should go listen now.
  • It’s available everywhere podcast can be, and if you are a Stitcher Premium member you can listen to the next ep before it airs.
  • Also, Levar Burton retweeted me. Really.


Social Media Corner:

Kelly:  Ian Colletti @IanColletti aka Eugene on Preacher.

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