N&S – Episode 134 – Whole Lotta Literature

This short ep is just chock full of literary inspiration.


Kelly’s Rec:

Website: InspiroBot.me

  • Special thanks to Sean Shick for dropping this little gem in front of Kelly’s eyeballs. Special Runner Up Thanks to Matt Shivers for keeping it there.
  • Click the HAL3000 -ish button and wonderful inspirational magic appears.
  • Also, you can access your past inspirations from the “My Quotes” section.
  • Go. Look. Click that Generate button ans share your inspirations with us.



Here are some of Mel’s:



Mel’s Rec:

Podcast: Levar Burton Reads

  • Just like it sounds, Levar Burton reads short stories from various genres to you.
  • It is magical. You should go listen now.
  • It’s available everywhere podcast can be, and if you are a Stitcher Premium member you can listen to the next ep before it airs.
  • Also, Levar Burton retweeted me. Really.


Social Media Corner:

Kelly:  Ian Colletti @IanColletti aka Eugene on Preacher.

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One Response to N&S – Episode 134 – Whole Lotta Literature

  1. Mike says:

    It’s so awesome to hear you again Mel! You need to join us again on Squat Cobbler and give me some tips for keeping Kelly in line. Also we need to discuss your recommendation. I am obsessed with this podcast.

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