N&S – Episode 136 – Alice Cooper and Six Crows

A return to some old standbys: A book and an Alice Cooper album. Guess who recs which one..


Kelly’s Rec:

Album: Paranormal by Alice Cooper

  • The brand new album from Alice Cooper!
  • Kelly gives a preview of his thoughts on the album before he and Mike talk about it on Squat Cobbler.
  • Some Links: a playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Prime


I’m only 30 out of 50 Shades of Grey….



Mel’s Rec:

Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

  • This is a super cool, gritty, fun caper of a Young Adult Fantasy novel.
  • It is currently $2.99 on Kindle until Sept 4, 2017.
  • Follow Leigh on Tumblr, she is super interactive with her fans.



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: @bexsaunders7 – Bex the BritChick on twitter. She likes memes and depressing poem starts…


Mel: @dswt on instagram or twitter. It’s the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. They save baby elephants ( and lots of other stuff too) They are awesome.


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