Squat Cobbler 120: Can you buy an election?

Tangent Tally: 2

Yes, we have returned to the crowd favorite type of episode – one where Dr. Mike and I take on the issues of the day.

On this “Squat Issues” we discuss the question: “Can you buy an election?”.

Stick around until the end because we also added a bonus section for this episode where Mike announces he will be Mayor of Hell Michigan on April 20 (for a day).  He MAY also promote his next album release.  More information on that can be found on the official Pagan site.

Even if you don’t care, please listen to the addition at the end.  I am proud of the edit.


Speaking of editing, a gently modified version of this episode is also available on YouTube.  Squat Cobbler.  Like and subscribe.

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Thanks for listening!  Kelly (@kellythul) and Dr. Mike (@officialpagan)

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