Nurture & Support 177: A visit with book author Scott William Foley

Mel and I had to opportunity to visit with independent writer Scott William Foley (@SWFoley on Twitter) to discuss his just released book “Doctor Nekros – The Complete Saga”.  This will be available in paperback on Amazon. Doctor Nekros features ghost hunters, haunted cars, demons, and necromancers – what more can you ask for?

Information on Doctor Nekros and Scott’s short stories can be found on his website

As a bonus item, listeners will be treated to a little Snarkalec, Squat Cobbler, Nurture & Support and #jerkwars history.  Plus you will all be reminded that “Big Ass Spider!” is cinematic GOLD.

Special thanks to our good friend Alicia for connecting us with Scott!

As always, this episode is also available on YouTube.




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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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