Nurture & Support 180: Novelly Yours Candles and The Umbrella Academy

This week Mel recommends some awesome candles you can light and enjoy as you binge Kelly’s suggestion.

Mel’s recommendation:  Novelly Yours Candles

Mel found a clever way to bring up Gideon the Ninth again.  That awesome novel – as well as many, many others are represented in candle form on the Novelly Yours Candles website.

Mel also pointed out that the @novellyours Instagram is currently posting discount codes!




Kelly’s recommendation:  The Umbrella Academy

I finally got around to watching this due to the encouragement of friend of the show Jeans, and I am SO glad I did.  Funny, strange, engaging… and season 2 just dropped on Netflix!



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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)

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