Squat Cobbler 14 – Phantasm and Superheroes

Texting superheroes and Phantasm fun this week gang.

Kelly’s recommendation – TextsFromSuperheroes.com  

The title pretty much says it all.  Humorous text exchanges between superheroes.  Here is the exchange Kelly ATTEMPTED to read dramatically on the show.

omicBONUS: As promised, a pic of Kylo Negan doing battle with Mike’s “special” texting friend…

A photo posted by Kelly Thul (@kellythul) on

Mike’s recommendation: Phantasm Ravager


Mike is a HUGE Phantasm “phan”.  The fifth installment just came out and it is wondrous.  While Mike strongly recommends watching all previous foour of the movies, here is a quick recap of them – with some segments drawn by children.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly – Awesome Z Nation star Sydney Viengluang – @sydneyvieng

Mike – Dylan, host of Dylan Knows, the show that has not had Mike on in a LONG time – @holidill

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