Squat Cobbler 57: But you may call me Meat

Mike and Kelly provide the “Squat of the Union” address cover a wide variety of topics including:

  1. Squat Cobbler history
  2. Music reviews
  3. Achy Breaky Heartgate
  4. Squat Cinema
  5. A “Ruby Ridge – The Rock Opera” update
  6. Ukulele news
  7. Shameless plugging by Mike

As promised, here is a link to Kelly’s IMDB page  – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9253733/ 

Here is the playing card Pagan will be featured on…

Which Kelly believes is based off of this, but Mike was too lazy to confirm

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2 Responses to Squat Cobbler 57: But you may call me Meat

  1. Michael Bilinski says:

    I feel the need to defend myself against Meat’s accusations. I did provide Mr. Bag with the exact photo our playing card is based on.

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