Episode 123 – Ticks and Chicks

There’s Fun! There’s Entertainment! There’s History!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Podcast: The History Chicks

  • Susan and Beckett put out 2  episodes a month about cool chicks in history.
  • They recently covered the Schuyler Sisters due to the huge popularity of Hamilton. (Kelly points out that we had an episode on Hamilton before Hamilton was cool. 😀 Check it out here if you missed it.)
  • It’s cool and educational and tells the story of some women that you really should have been taught more about in school.


Kelly’s Recommendation:



TV Series: The Tick (the new pilot on Amazon)

  • Kelly went to Wizard World Chicago recently and was privileged enough to get to see a screening of Amazon’s new pilot for The Tick. Go over to bringoutyourgeek.com to see more about Kelly’s trip.
  • He may have tweeted about it and someone may have been a little snarky.
  • Anyway, you can go watch The Tick and vote for it to help it get a full season on Amazon.
  • We don’t really need to explain what the tick is about do we? It’s about a superhero type in a tight blue tick costume. He saves the city. A lot. With the help of Arthur, his pudgy moth costumed sidekick. It’s good. Watch it.

Mel’s Tick Toy from college.


It is always appropriate to holler Spoon!










Social Media Corner:

Mel: Mackenzi Lee: @themackenzilee on twitter:  Every Friday afternoon check out the #BygoneBadassBroads. Mackenzi picks some cool chick from history that you’ve probably never heard of and tells her story in a most colorful way. It is one of the best things you will ever do. You can also check them out on her Storify.


Kelly: Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube: It’s like the #willitblend only with a hydraulic press. Watch them squish some duct tape. It’s oddly fascinating.


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