Episode 125 – Because Necromancers

This week we have a charming book series with some creepy characters, and a documentary about some creepy critters.

Mel’s recommendation:


Book Series: The Paper Magician Trilogy by Charlie Holmberg

  • This is a charming series set in an alternate Victorian London with magic.
  • The main character is Ceony Twill and she is an apprentice Paper Magician who runs afoul of some Excisionists. Excisionists are basically Necromancers, hence the title of this episode.
  • The series consists of The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician, and The Master Magician.
  • There is also a planned movie in the works by Disney.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Life On Us

  • This Australian Documentary covers all of the little critters that live ON US and have sex on our faces….
  • There is some nudity, so be warned.
  • Be educated while being grossed out ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
  • It’s available free for Prime Members on Amazon, plus possibly on Youtube.



Social Media Corner:

Mel’s: MTv’s Youtube Channel: They’ve started putting some old classic MTV shows up in this playlist. *cough* DARIA! And Teen Wolf is coming back soon….


Kelly’s: @ItalianOranges on Twitter: She plays hashtag games and live tweets ZNation. She also made the below happen for a very special girl… #LilleysWish







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