Episode 129 – Extraterrestrials Come from Wolf 359

We’re Back!

Mel’s Recommendation:

Podcast: Wolf 359

  • An AudioFiction podcast set in a space station in orbit around Wolf359.
  • Told mainly from the perspective of Doug Eiffel, the communications officer of the station’s 3 person crew.
  • Doug is not exactly thrilled to be on the station and doesn’t bother to hide it. Instead he spends most of his time broadcasting running monologues full of popculture anecdotes out into the void.
  • Follow along as the station AI possibly plots to murder the crew, the mad scientist possibly experiments on the crew, and the Captain tries to hold it all together.
  • Available on all podcast catchers and at Wolf359.fm


Kelly’s Recommendation:

Music: Extraterrestrial Live by Blue Oyster Cult

  • Released in 1982 and recorded during the Fire of Unknown Origin Tour in places like Pokipsy, NY.
  • Hidden among the hard rock Cities On Flame and Burnin’ For You is a little disco/funk number called Dr. Music.
  • It also includes Mel’s 2 favorites, Godzilla and (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.
  • Look at that cool album cover!
  • You can listen to the whole album on YouTube and it’s up on Spotify.
  • And below is the Joan Crawford video that Kelly doesn’t want you to see.



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: @Tye_Rannosaurus Wrex: Tye Lombardi is the woman behind episode 306 of ZNation and she has one of the best twitter handles ever. One of our favorite episodes of one of our favorite shows. You know the one where Doc is trapped in a mental ward and finds 10K and they meet Elvis? It was great!


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