Episode 19 – Man-eating Lions meet Gogol Bordello on the Fringe

This week we have a SPECIAL GUEST! Jeans is back with a book about man-eating lions. Mel follows Pacey from Dawson’s Creek to Fringe and finds John Noble. And Finally Kelly exposes us to an amazing Gypsy Punk band called Gogol Bordello.

Mel’s Recommendation:

TV Series: Fringe

  • Starred Joshua Jackson and John Noble. Peter reluctantly teams up with his father to help the Fringe Division of the FBI solve odd cases involving spontaneous combustion, face melting, and horrific new diseases.
  • We also learn that Mel was the only one lame enough to have watched Dawson’s Creek.
  • Also featured several appearances by the great Leonard Nimoy.
  • It’s available on Netflix


Jean’s Recommendation:

Book: Ghosts of Tsavo by Philip Caputo

  • The Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer movie ‘The Ghost and the Darkness’ is based on this book.
  • It attempts to explain the story of two lions who killed 140 workers building the railroad through Tsavo, Kenya in 1898.
  • Goodreads link


    •  Also check out Jeans at BringOutYourGeek.com where you will find links to her videos discussing all things geekery. If that’s not enough for you, also check out her etsy shops to buy handmade geek themed soap.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Music: Gogol Bordello’s album Transcontinental Hustle

  • Gypsy punk music!
  • Sadly there are no cellos, but it does have violins.
  • The Golgol Bordello: Non-Stop movie is available on Netflix
  • Listen on Spotify!
  • Check out the video for Transcontinental Hustle here.


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @EricIGN: an Executive editor over at IGN TV. He loves tv and Disney.

Jeans: @ChimpInSocks: Amanda Abbington (from Sherlock)!

Kelly: @MattMogk: The head of the Zombie Research Society. He appears regularly on the Talking Dead with amazing uses for Duct Tape in the Zombie Apocalypse.


  • Beiber Duct Tape: Do we really need to explain why?


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