Episode 29 – Bears and MORE

Special Guests John & Helena join us to “share all the awesome”! We’ve got Deserts, Clowns, Tech, Toasters, and the wonderful World of Tomorrow! And Bears, because no podcast is complete without Bears.

Mel’s Recommendation:

Podcast: The Drabblecast

  • An audio production of short-fiction by Norm Sherman and co. It’s “Strange Stories, By Strange Authors, For Strange Listeners.”
  • My favorite episode is “20 Ways The Desert could Kill You” by Sara Pinkser which is Ep. 295. This is a story told by a young girl whose mother has moved them out to the desert for a mysterious reason. Listen and draw your own conclusion!
  • Another one that will give you nightmares is Jay Lake’s “Clown Eggs“. It is full of Clown Trauma. You have been warned.



John’s Recommendation

YouTube: Dotto Tech

  • A weekly vidcast of tech related coolness by Steve Dotto, includes great quick demos of various tech related things that are supposed to make our lives easier if you can figure out how to use them.
  • Also includes lots of information on growing your social media presence.
  • Steve also bids us to “have fun storming the castle”, which is always a good idea. (~Mel)



Helena’s Recommendation:

 Book: The Toaster Project: Or A Heroic Attempt to Build A Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch by Thomas Thwaittes

  • The amazing journey of one man to actually build a modern day toaster entirely by hand.
  • The man actually tries to smelt ore and make plastic himself.
  • Check it out on Goodreads and all bookstores.



Kelly’s Recommendation:

Website: iO9.com We Come From The Future

  • iO9 is a phenomenal website that covers all things that contain even a tiny little bit of awesome.
  • Ever wonder where the term iO9 came from? Kelly figured it out for us!
  • They cover everything from tv shows, books, animals stories, and lots of science fiction and fantasy, and of course, “the world of tomorrow”.
  • Follow them on twitter @iO9
  • If you want to see the article about the actual real bears Kelly referenced, go here. 😀
  • Check out the cool little critter below who was featured in “Real-Life Animals We Want To See As Gigantic Movie Monsters”. I think the Asylum should really get working on that Water Bear…



Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @amy_geek: Amy Ratcliff is the geek girl blogger you want to follow.

John: @YourAnonNews : “Support digital and AFK activism”. The twitter account for the “Anonymous” group that features developing news from around the world.

Helena: @nycscout : the website ScoutingNY.com features hordes of cool info about New York City.

Kelly: @holland_72 : A friend of The Kelly, so please follow Chris Holland and BE NICE!

Secondary Recc: Happy Father’s Day!

  • John also throws out a Father’s Day howdy to the 2 best Dad’s ever: Lord Tywin Lannister and Darth Vader!
  • Also here’s that RJ Mitte Breaking Bad Father’s Day video:


Give a big Thank You to John and Helena for joining us! 

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