Episode 33 – Penalty Card a Warlock. I dare you.

Throw Penalty Cards at your friends after watching a Warlock curse a Valley Girl.


Mel’s Recommendation:



Movie: Warlock (1991)

  • A super fun Evil Warlock travels through time from 1691 to 1991 California in search of the Grand Grimoire. That’s an evil witch book by the way. You can’t blame him really, they were going to burn him over a bonfire with a basket of live cats.
  • It stars Julian Sands (Warlock), Lori Singer (Kassandra), and Richard Grant (Redfern).
  • “Ask me anything, I took 2 years of high school.” ~Kassandra
  • Sadly it’s not available on Netflix, but it is available to rent/buy from Amazon Instant Video, or buy from iTunes.


Kelly’s Recommendation:



Web Service: PenaltyCards.com: ‘They deserve it. They really do.’

  • Ever wish you could throw a penalty card at your friends, family, and coworkers? Here’s your chance.
  • Reward good behavior with a pretty Green Card. (Mel likes to call it Super Green because she’s seen Fifth Element too many times.)
  • Penalize bad behavior with a Yellow, Red, or Black Card. The Black Card may or may not involve burning the offensive party over a basket of live cats. (See the Warlock discussion above.)
  • Penaltycards.com gets a Green Card for Facebook integration, but Twitter is a little more hands on. Don’t worry, you won’t get carded for it.
  • Psst: Our own Kelly created this one! ~Mel


Social Media Recommendations:


Mel: @eridani99: Laurie K over on twitter is a ‘Computer geek, gamer girl, part time blogger, io9 moderator, gadget lover, novice cookiemancer’ and she’s cool to boot so go follow her. Now.

Kelly: @VisualLasVegas: Fun and cool pictures of Las Vegas and environs (that don’t crush your soul). 😉

Also go follow @PenaltyCards!


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