Episode 5 – 2 trilogies, cello music, and the horrors of Internet past

Episode 5 includes recommendations on two trilogies (which is like a dozen books according to Kelly), some nifty music with a surprising instrument, and a website to waste hours of your time – PLUS our first listener recommendation!  PLUS PLUS a new feature… Twitter recommendations!

Mel’s Recommendations:

Book: The Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence

You can find more information at PrinceOfThorns.com and check out Mark Lawrence’s blog. Also, take a look at this article Buzzfeed where he tells us all about anti-heroes.

Music: Adam Hurst

Mel recommends the albums Ritual and Nightfall.  All we are saying, is give cello a chance 🙂

Kelly’s recommendations

Book: Dune Trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.

If you are a Dune fan, you will love the backstory this trilogy provides!


Website: waybackmachine.org / archive.org

Hurt your eyes with 1990s website designs, listen to FULL concerts, or watch “Plan 9 From Outer Space”… all FOR FREE (yay free)


Thanks to @danlarock for the following recommendation.  Be cool like Dan and send us yours!!

Music: John Anealio

John is a musician and blogger. His songs are mainly acoustic but are very nerdy in nature.

Website: www.johnanealio.com
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/john-anealio/id346120941
Podcast: Functional Nerds
Twitter @johnanealio

Twitter recommendations:

Mel: @tordotcom – geek/nerdy talk about TV, books, movies, etc…

Kelly: @anniecolbert – Mashable Viral Content Editor and Muppet fanatic.



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Thanks for listening! Mel (@karmic9) and Kelly (@kellythul)



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