Episode 51- Do Hawks and Robots like Acid Bubblegum?

We;ve got a Special Guest this week, Mike @OfficialPagan Bilinski! We talk about Bruce Willis movies, Big Hero 6, Alice Cooper, and eventually get all the way back to more Graham Parker.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: Hudson Hawk (1991)

  • Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie Macdowell bumble, fumble, and sing while trying to save the world from 2 sociopathic megalomaniacs (Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhardt).
  • Seriously, Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello sing.
  • It’s fun! It’s quirky! It has a fantastic cast! Who was in Hudson Hawk that was also in Firefly? Listen to find out!
  • Bunny, ball ball.


Mike’s Recommendation:

You should already be following Mike @OfficialPagan since he was recommended by @TonySolo back in Episode 26. Here are his particulars:

Youtube: OfficialPaganMusic, here’s a direct link to Bitter ft Richard Fortus!

Live365: Loud N Loaded Channel: We’ll be joining the schedule soon!

Now for the ROBOTS!


Movie: Big Hero 6

  • Mike Says it’s great BUT it has nothing to do with the Comic Book it’s supposed to be based on.
  • It’s a good movie for both young and old that harkens back to “Old Disney”
  • We also ramble amusingly about Robocop, Randy Newman, Alice Cooper, Dark Shadows, Animaniacs, Gene Simmons, Final Destination, and finally Avatar!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: Graham Parker – Acid Bubblegum (1996)

  • More Angry Graham Parker!
  • Peppy little songs about hate!
  • “I’m not selling molasses, I’m not selling tea”
  • He snarls at his record label, Jane Fonda, Aretha Franklin, and accountants.
  • “Jet lagged Jiminy Cricket”
  • Listen to the Acid Bubblegum on Spotify!


Social Media Recommenadtions:

Mel: @TheClurichaun: Patrick runs a twitter group called Late Night Movie. They get together and Saturday nights and watch movies together in a chatroom.

Mike: @ChristianMenses: the bass player of Psychotica!

Kelly: @Sean_Schick: Sean and Kelly have a name calling contest going on twitter. Follow him and call him a “Jerk” for Kelly. #JerkWars



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