Episode 59 – Toads of War

This week we tell a tale of Bulltoads, Towers, and World War I. Enjoy.

Mel’s Recommendation:



Game App: Dungeon Flicker by Gree Inc.

  • This is a RPG Tower game that is FREE on both iOS and Android!
  • Your anonymous hero advances through through each floor of the tower which consist of 16 rooms. But be careful, you only have so many moves to reach the exit.
  • Work your way to the top, slaying monsters (like the Bulltoad), earn gold, and find new awesome gear!
  • Did I mention it was FREE? There’s no power ups to buy either. Just Free.


Kelly’s Recommendation:




TV Series: The Great War Diary

  • An 8 episode look at World War I available on Netflix.
  • Tells the story of 14 people, both soldiers and civilians, told through diary entries and letters.
  • It also shows how WWI changed the way warfare was actually done and the toll that took on the soldiers involved.
  • Episode 4 deals with some brothel action. You’ve been warned.


Social Media Recommendations:

SURPRISE! We’re skipping these this week!


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