Episode 60 – Crafty vinyl angels

Kelly brings some steampunk, and Alicia joins us to make some cool music related recommendations.And Mel manages to slip in a little knitting!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Audiobook: Clockwork Angels by Kevin J Anderson and read by Neil Peart

  • This story is based on the Rush album of the same name.
  • The Links! Goodreads, Audible, Amazon (The Watchmaker’s Edition pictured above)
  • A Steampunk story about a young man who decides to change his fate. There are Clockwork Angels, Watchmaker’s, Anarchists, and Carnivals. And don’t forget the Airships.



Alicia’s Recommendation


Digital Music: They Might Be Giant’s Dial-A-Song

  • Dial-A-Song started out as a phone number that when called, played back songs and messages from TMBG to they’re faithful listeners. It’s now a website. Click on the Link above to experience the awesome for yourself.
  • There’s a new song every Tuesday.

Vinyl Records: Here are a few places that Alicia appreciates for their love for Vinyl!



And then Kelly HAD to mention one of his favorite Alice Cooper album inner sleeves (spoiler… they get trounced by a gorilla)…



Mel’s Recommendation:


 Website: Craftsy: Learn crafty type things online at your own pace

  • They offer classes on numerous topics: knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, drawing, photography, woodworking, gardening (BONSAI!), quilting, and jewelry.
  • They offer HD quality video with knowledgeable instructors. There are numerous built in options to take notes, and even ask the instructor questions.
  • It’s really a pretty cool way to learn a new hobby. Most classes run from $9.99 to $24.99.


Social Recommendations:

Kelly: @HUBBLE_space: Awesome pics from the Hubble Telescope

We then fall into a discussion of Sherlock……  Because Sherlock is awesome!

And a special announcement:

Better Call Saul starts Feb 8 and 9. We will be doing a live recap the show 15 minutes after each episode airs. So stay tuned for links to ‘A Saul and Battery’!


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