Episode 62 – Songs and Snacks of the Dead Santa

This week we welcome back Mike from Pagan! He brings us some cool music courtesy of John Carpenter, while Kelly tells a tale of Santas, and Mel talks about some zombie food.

Kelly’s Recommendation:

Mick Foley as Santa

Mick Foley as Santa

Documentary: ‘I Am Santa Claus‘ on Netflix

  • A documentary that follows several Professional Santas throughout an entire year.
  • Being Santa is harder than it looks, folks.
  • Did you know that wrestler Mick Foley wants to be a Pro Santa? Kelly did!
  • Mr. Foley also produced this movie.
  • See more at iamsantaclausemovie.com and @IAmSantaMovie
  • “No Nudity At The Buffet!”

*Turns out the Santa that Mel knows in Texas isn’t one from this movie. Darn.

And here is Kelly with Mick Foley…


Mike’s Recommendation:

@OfficialPagan Returns! Check out Pagan’s newest album ‘Chapter 1: The Aftermath‘. It’s Dark Ambient!


 Music: Lost Themes by John Carpenter

  • Did you know that John Carpenter scored most of the films he made? Mike did!
  • This is Mr. Carpenter’s first standalone album, and it’s a work of art. (Mel really liked it too!)
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper was in ‘They Live’, which John Carpenter directed and scored…
  • Go to johncarpenter.sacredbonesrecords.com and watch film clips as the song ‘Vortex’ plays. IT IS AWESOME!
  • Listen over on Spotify, if you dare.

*Also listen for a beautiful Julian Sands (WARLOCK!) story from a con that Mike was at.



Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: ‘The Snacking Dead’ by D.B. Walker

  • A fun cookbook that also contains an entertaining little story about a man named Daryl. He may or may not be a Dixon. I’ll leave that up to you.
  • It features a Pizza Peel wielding mom determined to keep her family together AND well-fed during the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Grab this little gem for your next ‘The Walking Dead’ party or just anytime your home is hosting a horde. The recipes are fairly simple, but have just enough flair to make them interesting (lime pickled jalapenos, anyone?).


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @BethCato, because she has a section of her blog called ‘Bready or Not’!

Kelly: @cvflc22 : an instigator of hashtag games! 

Mike: @petegenepool: Pete runs Gene Pool Records. Mike is also on Gene Pool Records….. Please pester him…. from Mike.

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