Episode 66 – Hurricane Brocka

Kelly brings you a new music recommendation that will calm you down after you check the next blast of winter on Mel’s app recommendation.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: Brocka Nolen‘s album Body Politic

  • Her 6 song EP is available pretty much everywhere, including Spotify and Youtube
  • Check out brockamusic.com for a free download.
  • Her voice is very soothing, and reminds Kelly of a hybrid of Grace Slick and Peter Gabriel.
  • She’s very active on twitter, follow here: @conservexx, @BrockaMusic
  • There’s a bit of cello going on here, too!



Mel’s Recommendation:


App: Weather Underground

  • A very useful  (and FREE) weather app powered by data from a community of Personal Weather Stations.
  • These personal weather stations are owned and operated by individuals who are probably in your very own neighborhood.
  • Some even have webcams hooked into the network, which is pretty cool and surprisingly useful!
  • This Community Powered Weather app is available on iOS, Android, and Roku
  • If you want to get your own Personal Weather Station, check here.


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Mel: @OldWeatherPics:

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