Episode 9 – Ice Pirates, Zombie Radio, free TV tunes, Beatles… all this and WWII

This week Mel shares one of her all time favorite bad sci-fi movies and a cool zombie podcast.  Kelly offers up treasure trove of free(!) TV songs and a movie featuring Beatles covers played over WWII footage.  Really.

Mel’s Recommendations

Movie: The Ice Pirates

A swashbuckling spoof where Pirates attack space ships to steal their booty, namely Ice and the occasional Princess. It’s a dangerous profession, full of space herpes, gophers, killer robots, and the ever present threat of castration. Mel approves.

  • It’s available to stream through Amazon and iTunes, sadly it’s not on Netflix.


Movie: Pontypool

A psychological thriller masquerading as a zombie movie starring Stephen McHattie. A bit of a zombie epidemic overruns a small town in Ontario and is broadcast live over the air by a small town radio station.

Kelly’s Recommendations:

Movie/Music: All This and World War II

  • The entire movie is available on YouTube:



Website: TelevisionTunes.com

  • TV theme songs galore


Twitter Recommendations: 

Kelly: @nightclubfails The good, the bad, and the ugly of getting drunk in public… OK, no “good” actually.  Pretty NSFW.

Mel: @Veronica Veronica Belmont is involved in all sorts of techie stuff on Tekzilla and cohosts the Sword and Laser book podcast and the Vaginal Fantasy book club.


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