Episode 8 – A cappella, a swashbuckling fella, a Dresden, and a dirtbag

In episode 8 Mel and Kel regale the audience with recommendations on the only wizard in the phone book, the James Bond of cheesy sci fi, a fantastic a cappella singer, and some episodic political chicanery.

Kelly’s recommendations

Book: Retief series by Keith Laumer

Fun reads ranging from short stories to full books that satirically detail the adventures of Jame Retief of the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne (CDT).  Kelly will shoot you a 56-x (disapproval with significant judgment) if you don’t.  Read one of the stories and the previous sentence will be quite funny.


Streaming: House of Cards (Netflix)

Scheming and evil in Washington DC brought to you by Netflix.  Just more fun to watch than the real stuff.  Season 2 starts February 14!!

Mel’s Recommendations:

Book: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is the only Wizard in the phone book. This urban fantasy features a myriad of fun characters including plain ol’ humans, demonic flying monkeys, vampires, werewolves, and an air elemental named Bob with a porn addiction. This is a terrifically fun urban fantasy series that is well worth the time spent reading through all 14 books in the series, starting with Storm Front. Book 15, Skin Game will be out May 27, 2014!

Music: Peter Hollens

Peter is an amazing A Capella singer with some very entertaining music videos.


Twitter recommendations

Kelly – @killerkalyn – Horror movie blogger (http://killerkalyn.com/)

Mel – @theorlandojones – An actor who is immensely funny and imminently snarky.

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