N&S – Ep 144 – A Forest of Memes

We have memes. We have music. But do we have musical memes? Listen and find out.

Hint: No. No we don’t.

Kelly’s Rec:

Webiste: MemeGenerator.Net

  • It’s a website. That helps you generate memes. You’re welcome.
  • Waste hours and hours making funny memes. Or memes that are just funny to you, same diff.
  • You can make your meme and run or make an account and save it for later.
  • Go forth and meme, my friends.





Mel’s Rec:



App: Soundforest

  • A Mini Music Maker only available on iOS.
  • Make your own songs by placing trees, shapes, and even animals into an little environment.
  • The base app is free, and you can unlock everything for a mere $1.99!
  • It’s amazingly addictive. Check out 2 of my first songs in the video below. Be kind. I mean it.



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: Brittany @brittanyam12 on instagram. she’s also pretty awesome on Snapchat.


Fierce #sunset ?

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Special thanks to Alicia @ohalchemygirl for our intro song and to Matt @MattShiversVO for our outgoing message! 

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