Squat Cobbler 16 – Use the Google

Mike wastes no time in securing the “explicit” iTunes rating this episode.  Be sure to tweet HIM as suggested if you would like to hear the episode theme he pitched.

Kelly’s recommendation – Darth Maul: Apprentice 

Kelly recommends and outstanding Star Wars fan film, “Darth Maul: Apprentice”.  Just under 20 minutes in length, but jammed packed with action and available for free on YouTube.

Mike’s recommendation: WNUF Halloween Special

It should be noted, Mike did not recommend “Faces of Snuff“, even though he guest directed a portion of this movie.  He also did not share you could order it here, or try Wal-Mart or Target who also stock it.


Mike DID recommend the WNUF Halloween Special. This is an amazing recreation of a Halloween special newscast, complete with fake commercials, that was depicted as airing on October 31, 1987.  A reporter broadcasts himself live as he and four other people investigate the Webber House, the site of the brutal murder of a husband and wife.

The movie totally nails the 1980s feel and is rapidly becoming a Halloween classic.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly – The rare lawyer worth following on Twitter – @tchapman80 



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