Squat Cobbler 23 – Mortiis and Tonio K.

A rare show where Kelly is first to earn the “explicit” iTunes rating for the podcast.  Apologies to all whales.

Kelly’s Recommendation

Album: Tonio K. – Rodent Weekend ’76-’96 (Approximately)

A collection of Tonio K. unreleased songs including “Everything (Including You) Disgusts Me”, “Funky Western Civilization (Phase 2)”, and “Harness the Hamster” featuring the very awesome actual hamster John Paul III….

Mike’s Recommendation

Album: AIDS to the People – Vond

The long missing Vond EP “AIDS to the People” has finally been released.  You can go here to get it and many other works by their founder Mortiis.  Mortiis and his various bands were heavily influential on Mike’s music.  This is a long lost gem you won’t want to miss!

Note: the bonus razor blade is no longer part of Vond’s “Selvmord” packaging.   #thanksobama

Social Media Recommendations 

Kelly – @dork_power

Mike – @rebekahkennedy

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