Squat Cobbler 51: Alice Cooper wrap up

This show marks the end of Mike and I talking about Alice Cooper.  We will never mention him again.  Ever.

OK, probably not, but this show does serve to wrap up our Alice album reviews with a discussion of favorite covers, live shows, and which of our Alice discussions got the most love on YouTube.

Our cover rankings…


  1. From the Inside
  2. Along Came a Spider
  3. Love It To Death
  4. Constrictor
  5. Welcome to My Nightmare


  1. From the Inside
  2. Along Came a Spider
  3. Welcome to My Nightmare
  4. DaDa
  5. School’s Out

Again, outside of the “F*ck your beards” guy, we REALLY want to thank all of you that have joined us on the journey.

And we are taking requests for future album review show content 🙂



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One Response to Squat Cobbler 51: Alice Cooper wrap up

  1. David Hewitt says:

    Looking forward to hearing this, have all of the Alice podcasts downloaded. Have to agree, From the Inside is the best cover. I got into Alice during the Constrictor album, in fact I waited for the release since the song came out before the album. (Jason Lives was in theatres in August, didn’t find the album (cassette actually) until September. Loved it, still do but I think my favorites are From the Inside and Dada. Mind you it took me four years to get a hold of Dada and Zipper Catches Skin since they were no longer in print in America. So, even Zipper holds a special place for me since it was so hard to find and I couldn’t understand why it was discontinued in the States.

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