Episode 95 – Wiring the Fifth Ranger

Book, movie, and TV awesomeness with Matt joining us again!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

  • The first book in a super cool unique new trilogy called The Broken Earth.
  • The magic that exists in this world is based on Geology of all things. Wielders of this power are called Orogenes. They are hated and subjugated by the very people they use their powers to help.
  • How can you pass up a magic system that utilizes plate tectonics? There’s a woman out for revenge, a mysterious mad man, and some very powerful creatures called Rockeaters who aren’t always what they appear to be.


Matt’s Recommendation:

Movie: The Rangers: Shadow Rising by The Forge Studios

  • This is a Fantasy movie inspired by Tolkien’s Rangers from The Lord of the Rings books.
  • Check out the trailer below.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: The Wire

  • Kelly finally truly embraced his Dark Side and joined Amazon Prime where he gets to watch The Wire for “free”.
  • The Wire is a gritty drama about drugs and corruption in Baltimore.  Yes, Kelly said Philadelphia on the podcast.  He had had a long day.
  • It has a great cast including, Dominic West, Wood Harris, Chad Coleman, Seth Gilliam, and… Idris Elba!


Social Media Recommendations:

Matt: Edward Snowden has joined twitter: @Snowden

  Kelly: Lisa Remillard: @LisaRemillard

   Mel: N.K. Jemisin: @NKJemisin

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