Episode 16 – Bruce Campbell and the Teen Werewolves of London Calling a Riot Box

New Theme Music!  Thanks Alicia!! (@ohalchemygirl)

Kelly’s Recommendations:

Book: ‘If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor’ by Bruce Campbell

  • Available on Amazon, Goodreads, AND Audible (It DOES Exist! Narrated by Bruce Campbell himself!)
  • Learn fun facts about filming The Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness
  • Includes a recipe for fake blood!



Music: London Calling – The Clash – Kelly’s all time favorite album… AND IT IS NOT BY ALICE COOPER!!


Mel’s Recommendations:

Service/Books: Book Riot’s Box at Quarterly

  • “Always Books, Never Boring”
  • Get a box of fantastic book related things every 3 months.
  • Signup over at Quarterly.co, And check out Book Riot at their website, BookRiot.com

TV Series: Teen Wolf (the series)

  • Airs Mondays on MTV
  • Features a lacrosse playing werewolf and his friends saving the town of Beacon Hills from all manner of weird bad supernatural nasties. It’s almost like they live on a Hellmouth.
  • One word: Dylan O’brien



Listener Recommendation:

Thanks to Helena aka @HeleMcGe for recommending:

Music: Throbbing Gristle’s song, Hamburger Lady


Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly:@AnnaKarellen: Funny, smart, opposes team-building exercises.

Mel: @Suvudu: Your daily dose of geek news.

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