Episode 129 – Extraterrestrials Come from Wolf 359

We’re Back!

Mel’s Recommendation:

Podcast: Wolf 359

  • An AudioFiction podcast set in a space station in orbit around Wolf359.
  • Told mainly from the perspective of Doug Eiffel, the communications officer of the station’s 3 person crew.
  • Doug is not exactly thrilled to be on the station and doesn’t bother to hide it. Instead he spends most of his time broadcasting running monologues full of popculture anecdotes out into the void.
  • Follow along as the station AI possibly plots to murder the crew, the mad scientist possibly experiments on the crew, and the Captain tries to hold it all together.
  • Available on all podcast catchers and at Wolf359.fm


Kelly’s Recommendation:

Music: Extraterrestrial Live by Blue Oyster Cult

  • Released in 1982 and recorded during the Fire of Unknown Origin Tour in places like Pokipsy, NY.
  • Hidden among the hard rock Cities On Flame and Burnin’ For You is a little disco/funk number called Dr. Music.
  • It also includes Mel’s 2 favorites, Godzilla and (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.
  • Look at that cool album cover!
  • You can listen to the whole album on YouTube and it’s up on Spotify.
  • And below is the Joan Crawford video that Kelly doesn’t want you to see.



Social Media Corner:

Kelly: @Tye_Rannosaurus Wrex: Tye Lombardi is the woman behind episode 306 of ZNation and she has one of the best twitter handles ever. One of our favorite episodes of one of our favorite shows. You know the one where Doc is trapped in a mental ward and finds 10K and they meet Elvis? It was great!


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Squat Cobbler 19: Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper

Mike and Kelly recap Alice Cooper’s first solo album “Welcome To My Nightmare”. While they both miss the Detroit sound of the Alice Cooper group albums… they agree this is still a very entertaining album.

SMLTBCBPB (Song most likely to be covered by Pat Boone): “Some Folks”

Here is the fairly horrific Tori Amos cover of “Only Women Bleed” Mike mentioned…

Here is a palette cleanser for the previous video…



  1. Love It To Death
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Killer
  4. School’s Out
  5. Welcome To My Nightmare
  6. Muscle Of Love
  7. Easy Action
  8. Pretties for You


  1. Love It To Death (tie)
  2. Billion Dollar Babies (tie)
  3. Killer
  4. Welcome To My Nightmare
  5. School’s Out
  6. Muscle Of Love
  7. Easy Action
  8. Pretties for You

Squat Cobbler 18 – Top 2016 Albums

Mike and Kelly close the year out with a recap of their top 5 albums each for 2016.

Mike’s list

  1. The Uncanny Valley – Perturbator
  2. We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service – A Tribe Called Quest
  3. Blood Money, Part 1 – Dope
  4. Cheetah – Aphex Twin
  5. Blonde – Frank Ocean

Kelly’s list

  1. Blackstar – David Bowie
  2. Post Pop Depression – Iggy Pop
  3. The Ship – Brian Eno
  4. Origins Vol. 1 – Ace Frehley
  5. Earth – Neil Young

Best wishes to all our Squaties for a great 2017!!

Squat Cobbler 17: Alice Cooper – Muscle of Love

“My heart’s a muscle.”

This week Mike and Kelly wrap up the albums from the original Alice Cooper group with “Muscle of Love”.  While it has some high points, both agree this was less than a stellar way to bring this chapter of the Alice Cooper story to an end.

Kelly insisted we include the song “Crazy Little Child” from this album in the post….

New feature: Each review Mike and Kelly will be selecting what song on the album would Pat Boone choose to cover.  The winner this week… “The Man With the Golden Gun”.

Finally, the rankings…


Episode 128 -Give Vader some Props


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: I Am Your Father

  • This is a doc about David Prowse, the actor who physically played the role of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • Available on Netflix (for subscribers).
  • He was also known as the Green Cross Code Man in Britain; a character that taught children about crosswalk safety. See the video here for a reprisal of the role, only for adults this time.
  • The film seeks to tell the story of how and why David was possibly blackballed by LucasFilm back in the day.
  • Regardless of where you fall, we think he had the most excellent cape flip and force choke fist ever.


Mel’s Recommendation:

YouTube Channel: Punished Props

  • Bill and Britt Doran have a fascinating channel centered around making cosplay costumes and props.
  • There is a ton of really good information, in particular the info on making molds and casts. That playlist is here.
  • There is also a new video about making a replica of Malcolm Reynold’s pistol. That would be from Firefly, y’all. See the video above.
  • Check out their website, PunishedProps.com for numerous ebooks too.
  • And finally, they just put up a Metal casting video, that I’m just going to have to do. After I make a helmet for my corgi. HE really needs some armor.

Social Media corner:

Mel: @70sScifiArt: just like it sounds, this account posts scifi related art from the 1970s.

Kelly: @CaseyBNewman: a quite clever The Walking Dead livetweeter!

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Squat Cobbler 16 – Use the Google

Mike wastes no time in securing the “explicit” iTunes rating this episode.  Be sure to tweet HIM as suggested if you would like to hear the episode theme he pitched.

Kelly’s recommendation – Darth Maul: Apprentice 

Kelly recommends and outstanding Star Wars fan film, “Darth Maul: Apprentice”.  Just under 20 minutes in length, but jammed packed with action and available for free on YouTube.

Mike’s recommendation: WNUF Halloween Special

It should be noted, Mike did not recommend “Faces of Snuff“, even though he guest directed a portion of this movie.  He also did not share you could order it here, or try Wal-Mart or Target who also stock it.


Mike DID recommend the WNUF Halloween Special. This is an amazing recreation of a Halloween special newscast, complete with fake commercials, that was depicted as airing on October 31, 1987.  A reporter broadcasts himself live as he and four other people investigate the Webber House, the site of the brutal murder of a husband and wife.

The movie totally nails the 1980s feel and is rapidly becoming a Halloween classic.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly – The rare lawyer worth following on Twitter – @tchapman80 



Episode 127 – Home is in The Hollows

This week we’ve got an urban fantasy book series and some home automation awesomeness for your listening pleasure.

Mel’s Recommendation:


Book Series: The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison

  • This 13 book series started in 2004 with Dead Witch Walking and ended in 2014.
  • Rachel Morgan is a pretty kickass bounty hunter, who also happens to be a witch.
  • This urban fantasy series is set in Cincinnati, and includes all sorts of supernatural types, like weres, vampires, pixies, fairies, demons, and a few elves even.
  • Here’s a link to the series on Goodreads, so you can queue them up.
  • There’s also a prequel book coming out in 2017 that deals with events prior to the rest of the series.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Gadget: Google Home

  • Google’s new Home Automation Device
  • Can be used to control tons of other home automation devices.
  • Has excellent bluetooth speaker capabilities to play (primarily Alice Cooper) music.
  • Just talk to it to get weather, directions, texting and calling if you’re an android user.


Social Media Corner:

Rebekah Kennedy: @RebekahKennedy – a lovely actress who agrees to talk with us on occasion and hopefully doesn’t think we’re creepy. 😀


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Squat Cobbler 15: Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies


Hello! Hooray!

This week Mike and Kelly have a spirited (and lengthy) discussion  about the outstanding Alice Cooper album “Billion Dollar Babies”… which may or may not be the best album they have discussed so far.

They did agree one one thing for for certain.  “Unfinished Sweet” is the best dental-based rock song EVER!

And as promised, the “Elected” video…

SQUATIE CHALLENGE (from Mike): Attempt using only Alice Cooper lyrics as pick-up lines.  Report back.  Record if possible.

Finally, the rankings…


Episode 126 – Westworld Prime


Kelly’s Recommendation:


TV Series: Westworld on HBO

  • An intriguingly smart series about highly complex robots and people in a Western Them Park on HBO.
  • The cast is amazing: Ed Harris plays the Man in Black (Yul Brynner’s character in the original movie), and the amazing Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Ford.
  • There are 10 episodes this season.
  • All episodes are available at HBO’s Westworld site if you are an HBO subscriber.

Bonus Material:

Podcast: BaldMove.com

  • Jim and A. Ron host a lot of Podcasts, including Watching Westworld.
  • Please consider subscribing over at BaldMove.com and join in the fun.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Service: Amazon Music

  • If you are already a Prime subscriber, you really need to check out the free music you have access to via the Amazon Muisc app.
  • No commercials!
  • Create your own playlists and listen from your mobile device or with the web player.
  • They also finally added sharing to twitter, though it is still a little clunky.


Social Media Corner:

Jesse McDonald: @jesseseogeek: He knows his SEO, is a Star Wars geek, and can doodle up some Heisenberg.


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Squat Cobbler 14 – Phantasm and Superheroes

Texting superheroes and Phantasm fun this week gang.

Kelly’s recommendation – TextsFromSuperheroes.com  

The title pretty much says it all.  Humorous text exchanges between superheroes.  Here is the exchange Kelly ATTEMPTED to read dramatically on the show.

omicBONUS: As promised, a pic of Kylo Negan doing battle with Mike’s “special” texting friend…

A photo posted by Kelly Thul (@kellythul) on

Mike’s recommendation: Phantasm Ravager


Mike is a HUGE Phantasm “phan”.  The fifth installment just came out and it is wondrous.  While Mike strongly recommends watching all previous foour of the movies, here is a quick recap of them – with some segments drawn by children.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly – Awesome Z Nation star Sydney Viengluang – @sydneyvieng

Mike – Dylan, host of Dylan Knows, the show that has not had Mike on in a LONG time – @holidill