Squat Cobbler 13: Alice Cooper – School’s Out


This week Mike and Kelly discuss their Catholic school experiences and find time to review the Alice Cooper’s album “School’s Out” as well.  Sadly, you will not get the original packaging Mike and Kelly discussed at length…


During the show, Mike mentioned he would be doing some axe throwing in the near future.  Turns out, he is pretty good!

#axethrowing because I’m fucking awesome at everything lol

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No post on this album would be complete without some Public Animal #9.  BTW, feel free to refer to Kelly as “Public Animal #9” anytime you like.  He’d like that.

Finally, the rankings…


Episode 125 – Because Necromancers

This week we have a charming book series with some creepy characters, and a documentary about some creepy critters.

Mel’s recommendation:


Book Series: The Paper Magician Trilogy by Charlie Holmberg

  • This is a charming series set in an alternate Victorian London with magic.
  • The main character is Ceony Twill and she is an apprentice Paper Magician who runs afoul of some Excisionists. Excisionists are basically Necromancers, hence the title of this episode.
  • The series consists of The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician, and The Master Magician.
  • There is also a planned movie in the works by Disney.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Documentary: Life On Us

  • This Australian Documentary covers all of the little critters that live ON US and have sex on our faces….
  • There is some nudity, so be warned.
  • Be educated while being grossed out ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
  • It’s available free for Prime Members on Amazon, plus possibly on Youtube.



Social Media Corner:

Mel’s: MTv’s Youtube Channel: They’ve started putting some old classic MTV shows up in this playlist. *cough* DARIA! And Teen Wolf is coming back soon….


Kelly’s: @ItalianOranges on Twitter: She plays hashtag games and live tweets ZNation. She also made the below happen for a very special girl… #LilleysWish







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Squat Cobbler 12 – XAXA

Some great music and Internet slang decoding this week gang.

Kelly’s recommendation – Internetslang.com

This is a very help site that lets you find out the meaning to many of the slang terms and acronyms out on the interwebs these days.  Mike had a huge issue with “N” being short for “know” and both Kelly and Mike question the value of “XAXA” meaning “Ha ha”.

Top five most popular slang look ups shown on this site when this post was created were:

1. IRL
4. FSB

Go to internetslang.com to see what they mean 🙂

Mike’s recommendation: Music – Pervert – Pat Briggs


This is Pat Briggs’ first solo album.  Pat is the lead singer/founder of Mike’s favorite band Psychotica. In a break with tradition, Mike subtly plugs something he has involvement with… he created a PAGAN mix of Pat’s song “Functioning Junky” – which is included as the last track on Pervert.

BONUS: Here is a nice interview with Pat.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly: @talklikejarjar – Awesome hashtag game player who often… talks like Jar Jar


Episode 124 – You Can Draw AND Code

This week we discuss a graphics design app and a ‘learn to code’ app. And they are both free!

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Web App: YouIDraw (site.youidraw.com)

  • FREE graphic creation software
  • Has a Logo Creator, Painter app, and a Drawing app
  • Uses html5 and javascript, so nothing to download.
  • You can export your amazing creation to Google Drive or Dropbox.


Mel’s Recommendation:


App: Swift Playground

  • Only available for iPads running iOS10, but it is FREE.
  • Learn how to code in Swift by helping a little critter named Byte solve puzzles in a virtual world.
  • Part of Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative.
  • It’s an app meant for kids, but us old folks can appreciate it too.



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Squat Cobbler 11: Killer – Alice Cooper


This week Mike and Kelly wander around a bit, but do get around to reviewing Alice Cooper’s album “Killer”.  This should be on your short list of Alice albums to buy.

This is the start of clever album packaging for Alice.  Killer is not only a great album, it includes a calendar


One of the best songs on this album is “Halo of Flies”.  Here is most of it… LIVE. Please note the guitar work at the start. Mike stole this.

Finally, the rankings…


Squat Cobbler 10 – All hope is lost

This week is pretty rough audio-wise.  Kelly sounds like he joined via AOL and Mike eventually had to finish the show on his phone.

So, enjoy 🙂

We’ll be better next show.  Well, the audio will be.

Kelly’s recommendation – App: Prisma

An AMAZING photo editing tool.  It has a wide variety of filters where you can create some impressive images.  For example this pretty decent “no filter” pic…

Street art #nofliter

A photo posted by Kelly Thul (@kellythul) on

Becomes this with Prisma!

Street art

A photo posted by Kelly Thul (@kellythul) on

You can find the app here:

Prisma – Android

Prisma – iTunes

Thanks to T. Scott for the heads up on this app!

BONUS: Here is the Drive Like Maria video Kelly mentioned (made using Prisma!!)


Mike’s recommendation: Music – Straight to Hell – Hank Williams III


Mike recommends Hank William III’s third album “Straight to Hell” which is country music Mike can believe in.  Please consider purchasing the online version of the album so you can get all the bonus material – you will be glad you did.

FUN FACT: Wal-Mart refuses to stock the album.

Social Media recommendations 

Kelly: @OfficialLYork – Awesome actress, most recently in 2Lava 2Lantula!

Mike: Jennifer Renee Price – Lead singer for PAGAN and all around wonderful person

Jennifer’s IMDB

Jennifer’s Instagram


Episode 123 – Ticks and Chicks

There’s Fun! There’s Entertainment! There’s History!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Podcast: The History Chicks

  • Susan and Beckett put out 2  episodes a month about cool chicks in history.
  • They recently covered the Schuyler Sisters due to the huge popularity of Hamilton. (Kelly points out that we had an episode on Hamilton before Hamilton was cool. 😀 Check it out here if you missed it.)
  • It’s cool and educational and tells the story of some women that you really should have been taught more about in school.


Kelly’s Recommendation:



TV Series: The Tick (the new pilot on Amazon)

  • Kelly went to Wizard World Chicago recently and was privileged enough to get to see a screening of Amazon’s new pilot for The Tick. Go over to bringoutyourgeek.com to see more about Kelly’s trip.
  • He may have tweeted about it and someone may have been a little snarky.
  • Anyway, you can go watch The Tick and vote for it to help it get a full season on Amazon.
  • We don’t really need to explain what the tick is about do we? It’s about a superhero type in a tight blue tick costume. He saves the city. A lot. With the help of Arthur, his pudgy moth costumed sidekick. It’s good. Watch it.

Mel’s Tick Toy from college.


It is always appropriate to holler Spoon!










Social Media Corner:

Mel: Mackenzi Lee: @themackenzilee on twitter:  Every Friday afternoon check out the #BygoneBadassBroads. Mackenzi picks some cool chick from history that you’ve probably never heard of and tells her story in a most colorful way. It is one of the best things you will ever do. You can also check them out on her Storify.


Kelly: Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube: It’s like the #willitblend only with a hydraulic press. Watch them squish some duct tape. It’s oddly fascinating.


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Squat Cobber 9: Love It To Death – Alice Cooper

Mike and Kelly were very excited to talk about a truly amazing Alice Cooper album – Love It To Death.  The following ranking update should come as no surprise.


As promised in the podcast…

Crappy orginal “Sun Arise”

Alice fixes it…

Original cover


“Adjusted” cover


Sadly, one of the best Alice Cooper albums appears the worst sound quality Squat Cobblers.  We did the best to clean up the audio for this episode, but it is a bit rough in parts.  Sorry about that

Episode 122 – No man, the night sky is full of Protomen

Some great music and a beautiful game this week…

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: The Protomen – Present: A Night of Queen

  • A Nashville based band that mixes Mega Man and our inevitable future of dystopian living.
  • They have many albums, but today we talk about a live concert where they covered a number of Queen songs.
  • The easiest places to listen to the album seems to be Spotify and YouTube.
  • They cover Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure, Flash (from Flash Gordon) and Princes of the Universe (from Highlander! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE)
  • Also check out their twitter.



Mel’s Recommendation:


Game: No Man’s Sky by Hello Games

  • This is a Survival-Exploration-Space Game where the Universe is procedurally generated. (Think random.)
  • Oh, and it has some awesome graphics.
  • There is a slowly evolving storyline, but you don’t actually have to follow it.
  • Pros: It’s beautiful, very cool mish-mashed critters that you can name, learn alien languages, soothing soundtrack, they plan on add-ons being free.
  • Cons: Pricey, a little buggy right now until the patch, needs better mapping, repetitive if you don’t like exploration.
  • It’s available on PS4, XBOX One, and PC (check your specs first!!!!)





Social Media Corner:

Kelly: BioShock : @BioShock: the official BioShock account. Did you know the games have been remastered and re-released?

Mel: Swear Trek: @swear_trek: profanity laced Star Trek cartoons. It’s wonderful. Here’s a tweet that goes with Mel’s rec today.

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Squat Cobbler 8 – Squatconomy 101

This week Kelly keeps talking about Alice Cooper and Mike continues the Pokemon GO discussion.  It is also the first time you will hear of a game that one day, WILL RULE THEM all…

Squatiemon GO

Details are sketchy, but our good friend Dylan from Dylan Knows fame will be a Squatiemon.  First stage will be Holidill, which will evolve to Assisto.

Kelly’s recommendation: www.votealicecooper.com


If you write Alice Cooper in for the presidential election, Mike and Kelly are pretty sure it counts. And you REALLY REALLY need to do this.

The site outlines Alice’s platform AND you can get a bumper sticker!

Mike’s recommendation: Pokemon GO


Not unsurprisingly, Mike shares how he uses Pokemon Go to ruin other’s lives.

The Squatiemon “Mikaku” stopped by and mentioned this subtle plug as well…

Social Media recommendation 

Mike: Future AWESOME Squatiemon, Vex X – https://www.instagram.com/official_starskream


Here is a little of Mika, Kelly’s suggestion for the new lead singer for AC/DC