Episode 31 – The Valley of Snowpiercer Monuments

This episode we’re leading a Princess through Monument Valley, and taking a trip on a little runaway train called Snowpiercer.

Mel’s Recommendation:



Movie: Snowpiercer (2013)

    • A fantastic post-apocalyptic dystopia set on a train. Yes, a train.
    • This exciting story is set 18 years after a failed attempt at controlling global warming sent the planet into an ice age. The last of humanity lives on a train that circles the frozen Earth once per year. For the economy class passengers in the Tail of the train, it’s not a pleasant little road trip and they decide to change their fate.
    • It’s been described as “Hunger Games on a train”, but I think it’s more like Hugh Howey’s ‘Wool’ running into the Capital from ‘Hunger Games’.
    • It stars Chris Evans, John Hurt, Kang-ho Song (from The Host), Tilda Swinton, and Octavia Spencer to name a few.
    • If you missed the limited run of this Korean movie by Radius TWC in theaters, don’t worry! It’s on Video On Demand as of July 11.



Kelly’s Recommendation:



Game App: Monument Valley

  • An iOS and Android app by ustwo.
  • ustwo describes the game as “An Illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness.”
  • Check out some of the beautiful screenshots from this game here.
  • Art deco meets Escher meets awesome
  • You have to play a princess, but it is all cool



Kelly’s UN-Recommendation

Game App: Flappy Zombie on iOS. Just don’t do it folks.


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @scottEweinberg on twitter: Scott Weinberg is an online film critic and quite the funny guy. Just go follow him already.

Kelly: @bengreenman on twitter. A writer  for New Yorker Mag. who is responsible for Kelly’s creation of the national holiday, Harbor Day.



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Episode 30 – Walken Disney World

There are things that go bad in life, like Disney World, football, and Angels, but Christopher Walken will always make it better.

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Escape From Tomorrow: Bad Things Happen Everywhere.

  • a 2013 Horror movie that was filmed guerrilla style at Disney World that’s not for the faint of heart.
  • It has one of the most awesome movie posters EVER.
  • Check out just how long that it’s been without a lawsuit from Disney at EscapeFromTomorrow.com
  • It’s available on Netflix! Buy or rent from Amazon or iTunes.
  • The soundtrack is on Spotify for your listening pleasure.


Mel’s Recommendation:


Movie: The Prophecy

  • a 1995 Dark Comedy/Horror  movie starring CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!
  • Good Angels vs Bad Angels fight over the most evil soul on Earth to win the Second War in Heaven.
  • Christopher Walken has a zombie sidekick.
  • Keep your eyes open and you’ll see Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer.
  • There are 5 movies in the series (not all featuring Walken) and they are all available on Netflix.


Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly’s: @KurtVan : Kurt Vanderah remembered that Kelly won The Piranhaconda Egg from Syfy and tweeted this fact.  That is EXACTLY how to get Kelly to recommend you on Twitter.  Kurt also has an intense Bears Packers rivalry with his daughter…

Mel’s: @Shark_Katharine: Katharine the Shark is one of OCEARCH.org’s tagged Great White Sharks that is currently hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico.


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Episode 29 – Bears and MORE

Special Guests John & Helena join us to “share all the awesome”! We’ve got Deserts, Clowns, Tech, Toasters, and the wonderful World of Tomorrow! And Bears, because no podcast is complete without Bears.

Mel’s Recommendation:

Podcast: The Drabblecast

  • An audio production of short-fiction by Norm Sherman and co. It’s “Strange Stories, By Strange Authors, For Strange Listeners.”
  • My favorite episode is “20 Ways The Desert could Kill You” by Sara Pinkser which is Ep. 295. This is a story told by a young girl whose mother has moved them out to the desert for a mysterious reason. Listen and draw your own conclusion!
  • Another one that will give you nightmares is Jay Lake’s “Clown Eggs“. It is full of Clown Trauma. You have been warned.



John’s Recommendation

YouTube: Dotto Tech

  • A weekly vidcast of tech related coolness by Steve Dotto, includes great quick demos of various tech related things that are supposed to make our lives easier if you can figure out how to use them.
  • Also includes lots of information on growing your social media presence.
  • Steve also bids us to “have fun storming the castle”, which is always a good idea. (~Mel)



Helena’s Recommendation:

 Book: The Toaster Project: Or A Heroic Attempt to Build A Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch by Thomas Thwaittes

  • The amazing journey of one man to actually build a modern day toaster entirely by hand.
  • The man actually tries to smelt ore and make plastic himself.
  • Check it out on Goodreads and all bookstores.



Kelly’s Recommendation:

Website: iO9.com We Come From The Future

  • iO9 is a phenomenal website that covers all things that contain even a tiny little bit of awesome.
  • Ever wonder where the term iO9 came from? Kelly figured it out for us!
  • They cover everything from tv shows, books, animals stories, and lots of science fiction and fantasy, and of course, “the world of tomorrow”.
  • Follow them on twitter @iO9
  • If you want to see the article about the actual real bears Kelly referenced, go here. 😀
  • Check out the cool little critter below who was featured in “Real-Life Animals We Want To See As Gigantic Movie Monsters”. I think the Asylum should really get working on that Water Bear…



Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: @amy_geek: Amy Ratcliff is the geek girl blogger you want to follow.

John: @YourAnonNews : “Support digital and AFK activism”. The twitter account for the “Anonymous” group that features developing news from around the world.

Helena: @nycscout : the website ScoutingNY.com features hordes of cool info about New York City.

Kelly: @holland_72 : A friend of The Kelly, so please follow Chris Holland and BE NICE!

Secondary Recc: Happy Father’s Day!

  • John also throws out a Father’s Day howdy to the 2 best Dad’s ever: Lord Tywin Lannister and Darth Vader!
  • Also here’s that RJ Mitte Breaking Bad Father’s Day video:


Give a big Thank You to John and Helena for joining us! 

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Episode 28- Cellos from HELL

Kelly says “YeeHaw!” and then begs for your help.  Mel remains our Cello Overlord.

Kelly’s plea: On shows where I introduce Mel I typically say “…and with me as always is Mel.  Hi Mel.”,  Which is LAME.  

Could someone PLEASE come up with a better introduction and post it in the comments???

Kelly’s Recommendation:


Movie: Motel Hell (1980)

  • A Horror/Comedy movie about Farmer Smith and his sister Ida run Motel Hello and are famous for their delicious “smoked meat”. You know where this is going right?
  • They have a very interesting “garden” in the backyard.
  • It’s available to rent from Amazon Instant Video, and to buy from iTunes.
  • Stars Rory Calhoun, and Wolfman Jack makes an appearance! Awoo!


Kelly’s Re-Recommendation:

Podcast: Scott Stratten’s Vegas Under 30 and The Unpodcast



Mel’s Recommendation:


Music: Zoe Keating

  • Yay! More Cellos!
  • Zoe is an amazing cellist whose music has appeared in numerous tv shows, such as Elementary and even Teen Wolf. She has performed with a number of bands over the years, including Rasputina and Halou, both of which you should check out.
  • Her music is warm and peaceful and will make you feel better no matter how badly your day has gone. I particularly like “Legions (War)” from the One Cello x 16 album.
  • Check out her website for links to her bandcamp to pay what you want for her albums!
  • The Links: iTunes, Amazon, SoundcloudSpotify (Spotify does not have all of her albums), and her YouTube channel.
  • Here’s a direct link to Zoe’s version of the Star Spangled Banner.



Social Media Recommendation:

Kelly: @PeytonsHead: A witty twitter account that mishmashes Pop Culture and Sports references for your amusement. #LaserRocketArm

Mel: @IGN: the go to mega site to learn more about EVERY video game EVER.

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Episode 27 – Apocalyptic Art and a Watermelon in Easter Hay

Kelly introduces Mel to Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa, and Mel revisits her favorite Romantically Apocalyptic wasteland.


Mel’s Recommendation:



Website: RomanticallyApocalyptic.com

  •  An awesomely done WebComic/Graphic Novel created by Vitaly S. Alexius that features an intriguing cast of characters in a post apocalyptic world.
  • Here’s a link to the beginning of the story, so jump in there and see the Romantically Apocalyptic adventures of Zee Captain, Snippy, Pilot, and Engie. There’s even a Lifealope folks. I can’t explain it, you’re just going to have to see it for yourselves.
  • And if you’re a fan of abandoned places, check out the Art page.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Music: Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa

  • A 1979 Rock Opera that tells the story of a young man named Joe who runs afoul of the Government, Organized Religion, and STDs all told by the Central Scrutinizer (“The White Zone is for loading and unloading.  If you gotta load or unload, go to the White Zone – you’ll love it”).
  • It features Xenochronous and Mel learned a new word. Guess which one in the Comments!
  • The Links! Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay
  • Mel really likes Watermelon in Easter Hay even though there aren’t any cellos in there.  While it also lacks cellos, Kelly recommends the title song “Joe’s Garage” as well.


Just a note: Kelly has won every subsequent game of Words with Friends…… Mel’s not bitter. AT. ALL.

Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @Marinda_music on twitter. A musician from Holland who was brave enough to appear on SnarkAlec Radio.

Mel: James Brent Isaacs on YouTube. He vlogs about books and video games for Geek and Sundry!

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Episode 26 – Some Magicians make Orphans Translate Things.

Special Guest @TonySolo joins us to share some Orphan Black love, Kelly tells us about a cool language app called Word Lens, and Mel has another book called The Magicians.

 Kelly’s Recommendation:

App: Word Lens by QuestVisual

  • A translation app available for Android, iOS, and Google Glass
  • It uses the camera on your phone and swaps out the foreign text on signs for English (or your language of choice) in REAL TIME.
  • Word Lens has recently been acquired by Google for use in its own translation software and the app is free for a very limited time.


Tony’s Recommendation:

Tony hosts SnarkalecRadio with our very own Kelly, and Mike Bilinski of the band Pagan. It’s a weekly show detailing recent snarkable science fiction/monster movie happenings on tv and other cool stuff. Check them out over at Tony’s YouTube Channel or catch them on the LoudNLoaded station at Live 365.

Follow Tony on Twitter @TonySolo!

TV Series: Orphan Black on BBC America

  • Orphan Black is in it’s second season on BBC America.
  • It stars the amazing Tatiana Maslany who plays numerous simultaneous roles on the show as clones.
  • Season 1 is available free to watch for Amazon Prime Members and is available in many On Demand networks, check this link out to find yours.
  • Tony thinks it’s like a Syfy channel show got mashed up with Desperate Housewives!



Mel’s Recommendation:

Book: ‘The Magicians‘ by Lev Grossman

  • A different twist on Magic School that has been described as “Harry Potter for adults”.
  • The main character, Quentin Coldwater, is a very morose downtrodden high school student who spends much of his time daydreaming about a a magical land called Fillory, which is the subject of a series of popular children’s books. After 5 grueling years in Brakebills, a magical college, Quentin and his friends are turned loose into the normal world. They find themselves floundering until one of them discovers that Fillory is actually real and isn’t very childlike after all.
  • ‘The Magicians’ is the first book in The Magicians Trilogy. It is followed by ‘The Magician King’, and the soon to be released ‘The Magician’s Land’.
  • It is also in development at Syfy to possibly be turned into a series!



Social Media Recommendations:

Kelly: @BestMovieLine: Just like it says, folks. A collection of the Best Lines from Movies.

Tony: @KellyVonMonster and @OfficialPagan who have taken an old family feud to twitter for your amusement.

Mel: @Jenthulu: the twitter account of Jen Foehner Wells an awesome lady who shares awesome geekiness. A Clever Girl.


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Episode 25 – The Build It Yourself Episode

We accidentally had themed recommendations this week! Welcome to DIY with Mel and Kelly! Mel builds a computer while Kelly finds a site to build EVERYTHING!

Mel’s Recommendation:


Website: Newegg.com

  • A Tech Superstore that will help you find all of your pc building needs.
  • Many products have unboxing videos that give you a full tour of the product so you can get a close up view before you buy.
  • They also are very well known for great customer service.
  • A lot of the customer reviews are left by very tech savvy folks who describe any problems they had with the install.

Website: TomsHardware.com

  • Don’t know which video card to buy, or which processor is the best bang for your buck? Start here.
  • If your really stumped take a look at the forums where a lot of very knowledgeable people tend to hang out.


Kelly’s Recommendation:


Website: Instructables.com

  • Full of tons of cool instructions or “ibles” that help you make pretty much anything you can think of.
  • Awesome topics include Cosplay, Steampunk, Halloween DecorationsCooking, and 3D Printing.
  • They also have tons of contests for the best instructable in a given category.
  • Go check it out and try your hand at “building” something cool!
  • Also if any one wants to make this Dragon Cake and send it to Mel…..

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: NeweggTv on YouTube: lots of videos about products plus more current event geek type news.

Kelly:  5Facts We Learned from the Internet is a fun YouTube show by Annie Colbert and Matt Silverman. It has frequent visits by some awesome guests like Wil Wheaton and Grover!



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Episode 24 – The Breaking Bad Episode

Kelly and Mel have agreed on a single recommendation this week and it’s BREAKING BAD!


  • We discuss why we love Breaking Bad, our favorite characters, and the importance of humor in drama, and some miscellaneous related items you need to check out.
  • Spoiler Alert: Kelly’s favorite character is appearing in his own spin off soon called ‘Better Call Saul’
  • It’s a long episode, but really we could have gone on for hours… Thank you for indulging us.

Breaking Bad

  • This story of a dying chemistry teacher who turns to making meth to care for his family when he’s gone is possibly the best drama ever on television.
  • Check out imdb for a full cast list. They are all too awesome to list here.


App: Alchemy

  • Only available for iBooks.
  • A neat interactive ebook/app that delves into the behind the scenes story of Breaking Bad. A must for fans of the series.

Check out this Buzzfeed article for lots of Breaking Bad 8-bit glory!


Videos you need to see:

Epic Rap Battles: Rick Grimes vs Walter White

  • Don’t watch with a full bladder….


Badger’s Star Trek script  animated by Matt Czap for Vulture.com

  • Here is the Star Trek episode you’ve been waiting for.


Social Media Recommendations:

@mrbobodenkirk: The Mr. Bob Odenkirk also check out Mr. Show.

@aaronpaul_8: Aaron Paul

And to finish things off:

Bryan Cranston reads Ozymandias

  • I forgot to bring this up during the episode, but this is one of my favorite poems and listening to Walter White read it is chilling. ~Mel



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