Episode 18 – Derpy cats, Game of Thrones, free ringtones and much more!!

In this episode you’ll find an awesome free movie, time wasting web fun, a way to keep up with The Game of Thrones, and a cool recipe service.  Plus, because we care so deeply for our listeners… FREE RINGTONES!!!

Kelly’s Recommendations

Movie: ‘The Transient’

  • Check it out at KillVampireLincoln.com
  • A homeless vigilante and his caseworker try to stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln from sucking the blood of four score and seven virgins.
  • Fun Fact: Vampire Abraham Lincoln is played by the best Abraham Lincoln impersonator around, Michael Krebs.
  • Get your own Vampire Lincoln shirt!



Website: www.sadanduseless.com

  • They have pics of derpy cats. That’s all you need to know.



Mel’s Recommendations

App: World of Ice and Fire

  • Available on iOS and Android and check it out at GeorgeRRMartin.com
  • A neat app that does a great job of detailing the events in Game of Thrones whether you read the books or watch the HBO show.
  • There’s an awesome little spoiler free slider so that you don’t accidentally learn who’s going to die next. Unless you want to get spoiled, of course.



Web Service/App: Evernote Food

  • The power of Evernote with a Foodie twist. Available on iOS and Android.
  • A useful way to snip all of those recipes you find on the internet, so you you can actually find them later. The app gives you access to your recipes wherever you are.

Social Media Recommendations:

Mel’s: @IndyQuotes1 Indiana Jones quotes all day every day.

Kelly’s cheating and has 2 this week! @sadanduseless and @killvamplincoln. Both of which he talked about in this episode. (So, sue me – KT)


What do you think of our new theme song? Let us know in the comments!

BONUS CONTENT:  Some MP3s suitable for ringtones…

Nurture and Support theme song by Alicia Halm (@ohalchemygirl) – right click the link to download


Jeans from bringoutyourgeek.com saying “OUTSTANDING!” from Episode 13!


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Episode 17 – A Walk In the Woods on Harper’s Island with Danger Mouse and Graham Parker

Lot’s of people get killed in Mel’s first recommendation (Harper’s Island), but only a clown gets killed in one of Kelly’s (Graham Parker’s “Struck By Lightning”).  So there is that…

Mel’s Recommendations:

TV Series: Harper’s Island

  • Available on Netflix
  • A super awesome serial killer, mystery, suspense whodunit that aired on CBS in 2009.


Book/Audio Book: A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson

  • To best experience this wonderful story of travelling the Appalachian Trail check out the Audio Book narrated by Bill Bryson himself.
  • It will apparently be a movie with Robert Redford as Bill and Nick Nolte as Stephen Katz!


Kelly’s Recommendations:

TV Series/Cartoon: Danger Mouse

  • A British Secret Agent Mouse saves the world with his best sidekick Penfold (who is NOT a mole!!)
  • Many episodes are available on Youtube!



Music: Graham Parker – Struck By Lightning


Social Media Recommendations:

Mel: Fraser Cain on G+. Founder of UniverseToday.com Particularly check out Virtual Star Party to see live images of the stars!

Kelly: Rodney Pike on G+. An illustrator who makes some amazing digital caricatures of pop culture icons.


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Episode 16 – Bruce Campbell and the Teen Werewolves of London Calling a Riot Box

New Theme Music!  Thanks Alicia!! (@ohalchemygirl)

Kelly’s Recommendations:

Book: ‘If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor’ by Bruce Campbell

  • Available on Amazon, Goodreads, AND Audible (It DOES Exist! Narrated by Bruce Campbell himself!)
  • Learn fun facts about filming The Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness
  • Includes a recipe for fake blood!



Music: London Calling – The Clash – Kelly’s all time favorite album… AND IT IS NOT BY ALICE COOPER!!


Mel’s Recommendations:

Service/Books: Book Riot’s Box at Quarterly

  • “Always Books, Never Boring”
  • Get a box of fantastic book related things every 3 months.
  • Signup over at Quarterly.co, And check out Book Riot at their website, BookRiot.com

TV Series: Teen Wolf (the series)

  • Airs Mondays on MTV
  • Features a lacrosse playing werewolf and his friends saving the town of Beacon Hills from all manner of weird bad supernatural nasties. It’s almost like they live on a Hellmouth.
  • One word: Dylan O’brien



Listener Recommendation:

Thanks to Helena aka @HeleMcGe for recommending:

Music: Throbbing Gristle’s song, Hamburger Lady


Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly:@AnnaKarellen: Funny, smart, opposes team-building exercises.

Mel: @Suvudu: Your daily dose of geek news.

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Episode 15 – GIFs, Farscape, Ludo, and text-based Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy awesomeness


Mel’s Recommendations:

TV Show: Farscape

  • An amazing Space Opera by Rockne S. Obannon and Jim Henson Productions that aired on SyFy back when it was still the Sci-Fi Channel.
  • Available to stream on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.
  • Origin of the words “frell”, “dren”, and “hezmana” as ways to get expletives on tv.
  • Has amazing Puppets by the Jim Henson Creature Shop that you need to see.


(Addendum: I don’t care who’s involved with Under the Dome; it’s awful. I’m just glad it wasn’t Rockne Obannon 😉 ~M)

Music: “The Broken Bride” by Ludo

  • A Rock Opera about Time Travel, True Love, and The Apocalypse
  • Check out Ludo at their website: ludorock.com, and the video for ‘Save Our City’ on YouTube.
  • Here’s the album on Spotify!


Kelly’s Recommendations:

Game: Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game 30th Anniv. Edition

Website: Gif Gif

  • A project at MIT to rank and categorize animated Gifs.
  • Find a response for every situation at gifgifmedia.mit.edu



Listener Recommendations:

Thanks to @TeresaHazel411 for these great recommendations!

App: EveryMove

  • An app that rewards you for being active!
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.

Movie: Zombie Honeymoon

  • A Zombie Romantic Comedy


Twitter Recommendations:

Mel’s Rec: @sblackmoore: Look for his made up horoscopes a few times a week!

Kelly’s Rec: @DaleHorvath_TWD: A parody account sharing the wisdom of the incomparable Dale.

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Episode 14 – Oh, if Alchemy, then banish that Grand Budapest Hotel food


Alicia aka @ohalchemygirl joins us this episode. She’s a REAL musician in the indie rock band “Oh, Alchemy”. Please check out her band on twitter (@OhAlchemy) and their website, ohalchemy.com and on YouTube.


Mel’s Recommendation:

Game: Banished by Shining Rock Software

  • A city building, resource management sim available for PC
  • It’s $19.99 on Steam, the Humble Store, Gog, and at Shining Rock Software
  • If you think you have what it takes to manage your resources and build up a town of hardened survivors, check it out. And really, who doesn’t want to be an Omnipotent Overlooker? (I’m going to trademark that term ~M, @greatbandname – K)


Alicia’s Recommendation:

Food: Alicia shares a few favorite recipes (Our first food recommendation!):

  • Vanilla Ice Cream, Root Beer, and Fireball Whiskey Float
  •  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Yogurt

Movie: Wes Anderson movies!

  • In honor of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ release, Alicia tells us some of her favorites
  • ‘Rushmore’, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, ‘The Life Aquatic’, and ‘Fantastic, Mr. Fox’


Kelly’s Recommendation:

Web Service: IFTTT (If This Then That)

  • An amazing FREE web service that lets you create “recipes” of actions to automate certain everyday tasks to make your internet-based life easier.
  • Link up all of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and innumerable other services together. It’s kind of like One Web Service to rule them all.
  • Matthew Montalta actually recommended this to Kelly.


Twitter Recommendations:

Alicia’s Recommendation: @FoodieChat: Chat so delicious you can almost taste it. Join our gastronomical adventures.

Mel’s Recommendation: @Foodimentary: Fun facts about food because we all eat food or we wouldn’t be here. 😉

Kelly’s Recommendation: @UnseenStarWars: Rare, hardly seen Star Wars pictures from the movie set, merchandise, cut scenes, promotions and more!


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Episode 13 – The Awesome Show: awesome guest, awesome coffee, awesome hair, awesome infographics

We have a Special Guest this episode! The fabulous Jeans aka @YeungJeans joins us to pass along a recommendation! You can check out her webshow over at BringOutYourGeek.com and definitely check out her store where she sells some awesome handmade soap and geek related items.

Etsy Shops: Yeung Moxie (Soap), Yeunger Moxie (Geekery), and Studio Jeans (Artsy Stuff)


Mel’s Recommendation:

Gadget: Aeropress by Aerobie

  • A quick and easy way to make excellent coffee with a smooth taste and low acidity.
  • Retails for $25-30
  • Mel thinks this is a must have for the Zombie Apocalypse, so get yours today
  • Retails for $25-30. Chances are your favorite coffee seller carries it or check Amazon or World Market.


Jean’s Recommendation:

TV Series: Ancient Aliens

  • Airs Fridays on the History Channel
  • Available to stream on Amazon (free for Prime Members)
  • Stars the amazing hair of Giorgio Tsoukalos


Cryptozoology Defined: From Wikipedia: A pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. Examples are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.


Kelly’s Recommendation:

Book: Life in 5 Seconds by H-57

  • From the back: “Recommended for anyone with a good sense of humor and a short attention span.”
  • Check out LifeInFiveSeconds.com
  • Available at Amazon


We had a slight Helix sidetrack: so go watch it on SyFy now!

Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly: @AbandonedPlaces: Tweets pics of places that have been abandoned by humanity.

Jeans: @TheOrlandoJones: Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris.

Mel: @SarcasticRover: A parody account of the Mars Curiosity Rover, being sarcastic from Space.

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Episode 12 – A female antihero, a rock superhero, curling, and a teen sees dead people


Kelly’s Recommendations:

Game App: Flick Champions Winter Sports

  • Fun winter Olympic sports – only available for iOS currently
  • Will help you avoid curling withdrawal
  • Portugal appears to lose every time, so it must be quite accurate

 Video: Viva Joe Strummer – The Clash and Beyond

  • A documentary that will teach you all about Joe Strummer without over-sharing his dental problems.
  • It is free.
  • Joe was awesome.  So watch it.
  • Kelly REALLY misses Joe.


Mel’s Recommendation’s

TV Series: The Fades

  • A 6 episode BBC series about a teenage boy who discovers he is the key to saving the world from lost souls determined to return from the dead.
  • Available free to Amazon Prime members, the rest of you are just going to have to buy it. What are you waiting for?
  • Buy at iTunes, or Amazon.


Book: The Bel Dame Apocrypha Trilogy by Kameron Hurley

  • A book series so awesome that it scrambled Mel’s little brain so much she could barely speak coherently about it.
  • This is all you really need to know: A Female Antihero. Read them. Read them now.
  • God’s War, Infidel, Rapture (all 3 books are also available in an omnibus edition.)
  • There are also several short stories available as well. Kameron Hurley on Amazon, Nook, iTunes


Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly recommends @TheHashtagGame: “a highly addictive Twitter social game known to cause sleep deprivation, irregular grooming habits, and/or loss of employment.”

Mel recommends @KennerToys: “Tweeting pictures and other stuff related to the best toy brand ever, Kenner!” Thanks to @TScottBrave for the recommendation! They feed my love for Aliens toys…

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Episode 11 – Clowns, Hipster abuse, wearable tech, and more from National Treasure – Alice Cooper

In this episode Mel recommends a truly demented and wonderful film and an app for you to channel your hipster hate.  Kelly provides his second (and likely not last) Alice Cooper recommendation and an option for wearable tech to help you track exercise/sleep/etc

Mel’s Recommendations:

Movie: Delicatessen

  • 1991 French Film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  • Dominique Pinon stars as a heroic Clown in a cannibalistic Post-Apocalyptic tale
  • Available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video

Game App: Hipster Smackdown

  • Do Hipsters get you down? Smack one today and feel better.
  • Free game only available on iOS



Kelly’s Recommendations:

Technology/App: Fitbit Flex

  • Wearable fitness band that tracks steps and sleep, and will even Wake You Up in the morning
  • Check out Fitbit.com to track calorie intake and check out other models

Music: Alice Cooper – From The Inside

Alice in a mental ward… based on his actual alcohol rehab experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Large dancing liquor bottles hit the stage around the 4:23 mark of this video

Twitter Recommendations:

Mel: @Marvin4000: I’m a paranoid Android. You probably wont like me, no one ever does.

Kelly: @TheNardvark: Bryan Donaldson is a very funny man on twitter that has earned himself a spot writing for Jimmy Fallon.


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Episode 10 – The Power Inside Dumb Bongo Stuff You Should Know


WARNING: Kelly “sings” in the episode (briefly)

Kelly’s Recommendations:

App/Game/Music: Dumb Ways To Die


Music: Bongo Fury by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention with Captain Beefheart

  • Bongo Fury on Spotify
  • Listen to the version of Advance Romance that doesn’t feature Kelly singing over on YouTube



Mel’s Recommendations:

Podcast: Stuff You Should Know



Video: The Power Inside Web Series


Twitter Recommendations:

Kelly recommends: @CarpFishingJour: Carp Fishing Journal:Keep your carp news all in one place with us.

Mel’s recommends: @doctorow: Cory Doctorow: Writer, blogger, activist.


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Episode 9 – Ice Pirates, Zombie Radio, free TV tunes, Beatles… all this and WWII

This week Mel shares one of her all time favorite bad sci-fi movies and a cool zombie podcast.  Kelly offers up treasure trove of free(!) TV songs and a movie featuring Beatles covers played over WWII footage.  Really.

Mel’s Recommendations

Movie: The Ice Pirates

A swashbuckling spoof where Pirates attack space ships to steal their booty, namely Ice and the occasional Princess. It’s a dangerous profession, full of space herpes, gophers, killer robots, and the ever present threat of castration. Mel approves.

  • It’s available to stream through Amazon and iTunes, sadly it’s not on Netflix.


Movie: Pontypool

A psychological thriller masquerading as a zombie movie starring Stephen McHattie. A bit of a zombie epidemic overruns a small town in Ontario and is broadcast live over the air by a small town radio station.

Kelly’s Recommendations:

Movie/Music: All This and World War II

  • The entire movie is available on YouTube:


Website: TelevisionTunes.com

  • TV theme songs galore


Twitter Recommendations: 

Kelly: @nightclubfails The good, the bad, and the ugly of getting drunk in public… OK, no “good” actually.  Pretty NSFW.

Mel: @Veronica Veronica Belmont is involved in all sorts of techie stuff on Tekzilla and cohosts the Sword and Laser book podcast and the Vaginal Fantasy book club.